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Collectable Point Blankets for Sale

Listings here are current as of April 1, 2020. Please check back or inquire for additional listings. Interested buyers should contact with item #, and address (zip or postal code), so shipping cost etc. can be determined. Prices are $US.

#127V, 1925c
HBC White 3.5 pt. $200.
#112V, 1934-39
HBC Coraline 4 pt. $220.
#179V, mid 1920s
HBC Multi 3.5 pt $250.
#184V, 1934-39
HBC Brown 3.5 pt. $210.
#174V, 1941-53
HBC Cranberry 4 pt. $150
#206V, late 1920s
HBC Multi 4 pt HOLD