What are some of the colours of point blankets?

The most common style of point blanket during the past century was the colourful "multistripe" with black, yellow, red and green headings at each end (see image of folded blanket at top of page). This is the blanket most people think of when they hear of a Hudson's Bay Company point blanket.  

However, over the years point blankets have been offered in a great variety of colours and even geometric patterns.  The old standards were plain white, red, green or blue blankets with single headings in black (usually actually indigo) at each end.  From around 1930 to 1970 HBC offered point blankets in a line of pastels: pinks, mauves, pale green and a few very striking colours in their lines of Imperial Tones and Deep Tones, like the Coronation Blue with red bars and headings issued for the coronation of King George VI in 1937 or Imperial Purple with white headings and points commemorating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Some American manufacturers made point blankets with patterned fields inspired by Navajo blankets or even used tartan patterns in their fields.

Today, Hudson's Bay blankets are produced in the following colours: Multistripe - plain white with four stripes in green, red, yellow and black (indigo)

Brown Stripe - four stripes in shades of brown (introduced in 2000 as the Millenium pattern)

White – plain white with black bar

Scarlet - Solid red with black bar with black bar

Green –solid green with black bar White with blue bar

Grey – grey heather with black bar

White / sky - plain white with sky blue bar

Wild Cranberry - solid cranberry with fudge bar

Brown Multi - plain white with four stripes in shades of taupe and brown (introduced 2000 to mark the millennium)

White /Pink - Solid white with pink bar (limited edition 2006-2008)

Camel - Solid camel blend with black bar

Sea to Sky - White with four stripes in shades of blue and green (commemorative 2010 Olympics)

1937 Coronation blanket from Hudson's Bay Company.

1928 Pendleton Santa Fe point blanket with stylized pattern.