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The Blanket; and The Collector's Guide to Point Blankets.

HBC Blanket Brush:

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WANTED: Mid-19th century point blankets any size in red, white, blue or multistripe.

I am looking for very early examples of Hudson's Bay point blankets. The blue ones are generally so dark that it is hard to see the points along the edge of the blanket. Since these blankets were handwoven, the weaving often appears quite uneven or even rough and may even have flecks of undyed wool in the weave. Generally the blankets are coarser and heavier than the more modern ones and in some the points appear to be inverted. For instance, if it is a 3.5, 2.5 or 1.5 point blanket the half point (the shortest one) is closest to the nearest heading or bar unlike more modern point blankets where the short point is furthest away from the heading. See illustration. Depending on the blanket's size and condition I am prepared to pay a premium price for such point blankets. For example, I would offer C$350 for a legitimate mid 19th century 3.5 point blanket in excellent to mint condition. Contact Harold at .

WANTED: 1930s grey, red, blue, brown point blankets 4 or 3.5 pt size. 
I am looking for very good/excellent examples of the light grey (silver grey), the red (scarlet), the dark blue, and the dark brown (chocolate) Hudson's Bay point blankets from the '30s decade. Depending on the blanket's size and condition I am prepared to pay a premium price. Contact David at

Detail from an Indigo 3.5 point blanket dated to before 1870 showing "inverted" points.