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The Collector’s Guide covers not just Hbc’s blankets but also ones from many of the other mills that produced point blankets over the last 250 years, including PENDLETON, AYERS, OREGON CITY, SHULER AND BENNINGHOFEN, UTAH WOOLEN MILLS, EARLY’S OF WITNEY, EATONS TRAPPER POINTS, ORR, HORN BROTHERS, MOHAWK and many more. The guide includes hundreds of full colour photographs. It also includes a history of the point blanket in the Fur Trade, Indian Trade and the general retail trade of the 19th and 20th centuries. Importantly it includes information on how to identify the age and original manufacturer of point blankets either from their labels or the various styles of weaving and point marking. There is a dating label guide to almost 200 different labels including all of the ones used by Hbc since 1890 and most from the other thirty or so manufacturers and retailers. As well it details of the original size of the blankets depending on their number of points, years of manufacture and the manufacturing source mills. There is a guide to grading the condition of point blankets and a price guide that takes into account manufacturers, condition and point size so that the reader will know the proper value to pay for old point blankets.There is also information on how to care for your old point blanket, make appropriate repairs, and which blankets are suitable for making into capotes, and which ones are too valuable to be cut up!!! This guide is the only one of its kind and is a must for all trade blanket collectors and second hand and antique dealers who occasionally handle these relics of the fur trade. The book is spiral bound with a plasticized wrap around binding so that it can be used when you are traveling and checking out antique stores.You might also want to consider this book as a gift for anyone into antiquing, collecting items from the fur and Indian trade or for reenactors and others interested in the early history of North America.

The Collector’s Guide to Point Blankets of the Hudson’s Bay Company and Other Companies Trading in North America.
Tichenor, H., Publisher Cinetel, Bowen Island 2003, 128 pp, colour illustrations, spiral bound.
Sample pages showing early Hudson’s Bay labels.
Sample pages showing colours of Hudson’s Bay blankets in the 1930s and key information about sizes.

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