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Frederick Remington engraving illustrating one of the Hudson’s Bay posts he visited. Harper’s Weekly, 24 Nov 1888. (Print in author’s collection).

Barry Friedman is author of Chasing Rainbows: Collecting American Indian Trade & Camp Blankets published in 2002, now out of print. His website is: Two page “Warm Blanket Story” on the Bay blanket and an interview with H. Tichenor about writing The Blanket, (April 2004).

The Manitoba Archives, in Winnipeg, also houses the archives of the Hudson’s Bay Company.

The Museum of the Fur Trade (Chadron, Nebraska).

Pendleton National Park Blankets, 1916 to 2006.

Stroud District Museum.

Washington State Historical Society. An article in Columbia Magazine Summer 2002; Vol. 16, No. 2. “Indian Trade Blankets in the Pacific Northwest History and Symbolism of a Unique North American Tradition” by W. R. Swagerty.

Wikipedia provides a very good history of the Hudson’s Bay Company.

The Witney Blanket Story: A superb and very comprehensive website on the Witney blanket industry from its origins in the 13th Century to the closure of the last mill in 2002.

My Small Piece of Canada: The US Military and the ‘point’ blanket by Major van Hari.

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