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Care and cleaning of blankets

With proper care and storage your point blanket will give many years of service and will become a valued family heirloom. These English-made blankets are sturdy textiles capable of taking extremely rough handling. In quality point blankets the oils in the wool and the nap itself tend to shed dirt so your blanket should rarely need dry cleaning. However, you should occasionally brush your blanket clean to remove the grit and foreign particles that might be caught in the weave and could break the blanket’s fibers. Brushing your blanket will also help to remove any pilling and raise the nap.

We used to offer the new improved blanket brush from Hudson’s Bay Company. However this item is not available at this time. We will update here when it is again. To use your blanket brush, make small strokes with the brush in the direction of the nap. You can determine direction of the nap by looking at the direction in which the points or stripes on the blanket are brushed. After brushing, use the comb included with your brush to clean the debris from your brush.

The Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket Brush

From the HBC Signature Collection, oak handle, stainless steel back and flexible bristles. Comes with a durable plastic comb to remove fibre from bristles. Great for most woven wool fabrics and articles

Unfortunately, this item is out of stock.