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Blanket Description

    • Size is 55 x 75 in. approx size of 3 pt.
    • Very unusual crafted patchwork made from up to 12 point blankets.
    • Crafted and found in Winnipeg where HBC made their coats and jackets from point blankets, for many years.
    • Nice size and bold pattern for use as throw or display
    • Points shown are 1, 2, 3 and 4. No label included. All pieces in good condition. No wear of nap, even overall. Bright even colour. Minor piling. Cleaned and brushed. Edges and seams secure, stitched with matching black overcast wool.
    • No set price. Make an offer for this one of a kind blanket!

Full view. Note upper and lower bar do not extend all the way across. 

Lower half of blanket. Bright area at lower right here is sunlight on corner.

The reverse side, bars are dark, points slightly visible.

Blanket Features

Points Points from up to 12 blankets
Date 1940s to '80s
Pattern Scarlet patchwork